Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Category: Juvenile fiction, Newbery Honor
Published: May 2008, 342 pgs.
Review: 4/5 stars
Savvy by Ingrid Law is a sweet book about a girl and her journey to discover her own special gifts. I enjoyed this book but I'm afraid it didn't quite live up to the hype that I had read about it. It has a good message with a lot of interesting and likable characters and the story is original. I'm not sure what was missing for me but I still recommend reading it. I think I was expecting a 5 star book and for me it just didn't quite make it there.
Rating: 1.1.1 It's been a while since I read it but I don't think there was anything at all offensive in this book. My 9 year-old daughter really liked it.


Julie J. said...

I loved this book. I would give it 5 stars.

Susan said...

I agree with Julie - I gave it an A. It is clean and just a whole lot of fun!

Kim said...

You're both probably right. I must not have been in the right frame of mind when I read it. Maybe I'll try it again someday.

KT said...

I wasn't overwhelmed by this one either. I enjoyed it. It was fun, but I didn't think it was the bee's knees. I'm kind of glad to find someone who agrees with me :)

Kim said...

Thanks, KT. Maybe I'm not crazy for not loving this book. I know it shoudn't matter if I don't agree with others but I was afraid I must be missing something.