Rating System

My rating system is fairly straight forward but it may take some getting used to.  I rate the potentially offensive content (sex, violence, and profanity) of each book I read on a scale of 1 to 5.  A 1 rating means there is little to none while a 5 is given to particularly offensive material. 

An example of a rating looks like this:  2.1.3  (2 represents sexual content, 1 refers to violence, and 3 is for profanity)

It may be helpful to know what my thinking process is when I give a rating.

Sexual content: 
     1--Kissing or other forms of affection without too many sexual undertones
     2--Sex may be inferred but not described (happens behind closed doors or picture fades to black type of stuff).  A 2 may also be given if there is discussion of sex that's not too descriptive or crass.
     3--Description of sex act itself but not with too much detail.  I know this is completely subjective but I tend to base it on whether it makes me feel uncomfortable or not.  I feel that sex is a natural part of life and needs to be depicted in novels sometimes to add to the story but it doesn't have to be gratuitous.  A 3 would also be given to more crude references to sex in discussions or thoughts of the characters.
     4--Greater detail of the sex act.  Makes me uncomfortable.
     5--Too much detail.  Gratuitous.  Over the top. (I know this is so subjective.  Sorry)

     1--Little or none.  Could include a little fisticuffs or small acts of violence.
     2--Murder (without detailed descriptions like those found in a cozy mystery, Agatha Christie or other such books), acts of violence without too much blood or description.
     3--More bloody, more descriptive.  Child abuse without a lot of description.
     4--Somewhat disturbing violence.  Descriptive abuse.  (I gave Hunger Games a 4)
     5--Very disturbing.  Gratuitous descriptions.

     1--Little or none.  May contain a few d---s and h---s or a few vain references to Deity but not a lot.
     2--More of the lighter swearing and maybe a little barnyard type language but very little.
     3--The kind of swearing that gets a PG-13 rating but no f-words.  May include a lot of taking the Lord's name in vain.
     4--Up to 3 f-words.  I've found a few books that have a couple of f-words but hardly any other profanity.  They would still get a 4 in my rating system.
     5--More than 3 f-words.  Rated R type swearing.

Disclaimer:  I should have put this list together when I first started my blog as it could have helped my ratings be more accurate.  Some of my older ratings will probably not fit according to these guidelines precisely.  I can also miss or forget things and ratings are pretty subjective anyway.  My goal is to aid others in choosing books that they won't find offensive but I apologize if I ever steer anyone wrong.