Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer

Rating: 1.1.1

Recommended audience: Teen to adult

Category: Romance, historical, regency

Review: 4/5

Georgette Heyer was an amazing writer. This is the third of her many books that I've read and I continue to be impressed with her. She really did her research about the Regency time period in England and it shows in her books. The other two Heyer novels I've read were both about spinsters finding love, while this one is about a very young girl and her foray into society, her many missteps, and of course, falling in love. Though there is not laugh-out-loud kind of humour, I think this book is very funny. The characters are interesting, likable, and believable and the dialogue between them is a high point of the book. I recommend Friday's Child to anyone who wishes that Jane Austen had written more books.

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J. said...

i will look these up. they look very interesting.