Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Journal of Curious Letters by James Dashner

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Utah Author
Published: March 2003, 432 pp.
Read: Mar. 2009
Source: Own
Category: Heinz 57 (Look on sidebar for explanation)
Review: 4/5

I thought that my first "Heinz 57" review should be an easy one. As I looked through my lists, this one popped out at me. I read this one in March of 2009 because I had just met James Dashner at the first Utah Book Bloggers Social in February. My husband and I both found him very funny and interesting so we went right out to buy his book. My husband called first dibs, my daughter got it next and then finally I was able to read it.

The Journal of Curious Letters
tells the story of Tick Higginbottom and the strange letters he starts receiving, which contain riddles and puzzles to solve. He eventually learns about the existence of alternate realities, meets new friends, and has some adventures.

There are two main reasons I really liked this book. The first is that Tick's parents are loving, supportive, intelligent people. Tick actually goes to them with his problems instead of hiding things from them. Why is that kind of family relationship so uncommon in middle grade and YA fiction? I found it very refreshing from the usual depiction of families. The second reason I liked this book was the idea of alternate realities. Some of my favorite episodes of my favorite TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stargate: SG-1 (yes, I'm a nerd), have to do with parallel universes or alternate realities. I love the one where Worf keeps popping in and out of different realities and then at the end thousands of Enterprises appear from parallel universes. I love the part with the crazy Riker who says something like, "You don't know what it's like back there...We won't go back!" There's a clip on youtube that I tried to embed but I couldn't get it to size down small enough so you'll have to link to it if you want to see it:

Anyway, this was a fun book that we all enjoyed.

Rating: 1.1.1 Clean read.

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