Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes

Category: Historical Fiction
Published: Orginally 1971, republished Oct. 1, 2009, 336 pgs.
I haven't quite finished this book yet but since I received it is an ARC and it has recently been released, I wanted to tell you about it. The Tudor Rose is about Elizabeth of York, the daughter of King Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville. As I have read these books by Margaret Campbell Barnes I have been amazed at the immorality, greed, conniving, and deceipt that went on in the English monarchy back then. It helps me appreciate again the amazing democracy we live in today.
This book has been really interesting so far and I definitely want to finish it. I wouldn't say that it is compelling because I have had a hard time getting through it but it is a great way to get a history lesson. I'll let you know my final thoughts about it when I've finished.

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