Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

Rating: 1.2.2
Recommended audience: 9 and up
Category: Fantasy


This was a fun listening experience. Brendan Fraser is the narrator and he did quite a good job, giving each character a different voice and interesting accents. The book tells the story of a dragon who travels half-way around the world looking for a legendary refuge for dragons. He does this because humans are encroaching on the area where he and his fellow dragons have been living for a hundred years. I haven't read very many dragon books so maybe it's not that unusual, but I was surprised that this book was set in modern times. I usually think of dragon tales as being set during medieval times or some fantasy world that seems like a medieval time. This is a book found in the children's section and I can see kids eating this stuff up, but I did enjoy it too. I wouldn't call it great literature but it is a light, fun read.


Kristyn said...

Jason just read Inkspell by the same author and loved it. He compared it to Harry Potter.


Kim said...

I've been planning on reading Inspell sometime soon. This one reminded me a bit of Harry Potter too.

Kristyn said...

I was wrong, it was actually Inkheart that he read. Inkspell is the sequel. There is going to be an Inkheart movie too.