Friday, February 8, 2008

Austenland by Shannon Hale

Rating: 2.1.2
Recommended audience: 16+
Category: Romance

This book is pure chick-lit, nothing very substantial or thought provoking...but I really liked it. The story is about an early 30's single woman named Jane who has had many failed relationships and blames it partly on her obsession with Mr. Darcy (as played by Colin Firth). She ends up at Austenland, a vacation spot where attendees immerse themselves in the world of Jane Austen complete with the empire waist dresses, corsets, and high tea while actors pretend to be Austenian type characters. Jane's goal is to overcome her obsession with Mr. Darcy so she can finally succeed in a real relationship. This is funny, cute and pure escape fiction but if you like Jane Austen I think you'll like this book. If you love Jane Austen and can seriously critique everything relating to her books, this book might not cut it for you. I don't think you have to have read Austen's books to enjoy this but it is helpful.


Chain Reader said...

I am anxious to read this one. I just watched the movie Becoming Jane, so I'm in that Austen frame of mind!

Maw Books said...

I've never heard of the movie Becoming Jane, I'll have to look into it. Our book club just chose this as April's book. Yay! I just read it not that long ago. I'm glad for the pressure free month, now I can read my 10 library books. This was a fun book, I hadn't read anything so "clean" in a long time. It was refreshing.