Friday, January 11, 2008

Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

Rating: 4.3.2
Recommended audience: Adult
Category: Historical with some romance

I read this book well over a month ago. I have had such a hard time getting myself to write a review for it because I just couldn't decide how to rate it and what kind of review to give it. The book is set in a small village in England in 1665. The book is roughly based on a real village, Eyam in Derbyshire (how interesting that it is the same county as Mr. Darcy's), which became known as the Plague Village because after being infected with the plague, decided to quarantine themselves rather than spread the heinous disease. This book was so thought provoking, with so many issues of faith, religion, superstition, family, and more that would be so interesting for a book club discussion. Then the ending came and what a disappointment. Brooks turned it into a steamy romance that just felt wrong and incongruous with the rest of the novel. Then the epilogue seems really far fetched too. I can understand a little why she took it in that direction because of some of the information that was brought to light through the affair but how I wish she had found another way. I don't know whether to recommend the book or not, but hopefully based on the information here you can make an informed decision.


Julie J. said...

I liked this book too.... except for the end. She totally derailed.... I'm willing to write an alternate ending for you... If you're interested. :)

Charlotte said...

Please, do. I guess the author has some kind of inner hatred toward Christianity, and a deep love for Islam.

Kim said...

Julie, I thought I had responded to your comment a few days ago but it must not have gone through. I would love to hear your alternate ending. Please tell.