Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Rating: 2.3.2
Recommended audience: Mature teen to adult
Category: Romance

Another fun read but I did see it coming. I won't give anything away but this one seemed a little predictable to me because of fore-shadowing. Still, not all of it was predictable and it introduced some interesting characters. Bella drives me a little crazy because she just seems too dumb sometimes but, again, I'm afraid I identify with her stupidity a little too much sometimes, maybe that's why I can't stand it. I know some people who were quite bored with the middle of this book and I understand that opinion but I didn't think it was too boring. My biggest problem with this book though was the poor proofreading. There were so many errors that it really bugged me. I'm pretty nit-picky about that kind of stuff though so hopefully it doesn't bother you. Anyone know how I can get a job as Meyer's proof-reader?

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Julie J. said...

That would be an awesomely, amazing job. And you would be so good at it too. I am terrible at grammar, and while I can recognize some things, I wouldn't catch them all...I mean, come on, you've read my comments, you know. I'll hire you as my proof reader! Oh, and I saw it coming too.