Friday, October 28, 2011

Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

Genre: Historical Fiction
Published: Originally 1955, this edition--July 2011
Source: Sourcebooks (publisher review request)
Review: 3.5/5 stars

Brief Summary: Lady Serena is reunited with her former suitor, whom she jilted several years ago, when her father names him, the Marquis of Rotherham, her guardian in his will. Both Serena and the Marquis are hot-tempered and obstinate so quarrels ensue. In true Georgette Heyer fashion, witty-dialogue abounds. The romantic plot thickens as Serena becomes reacquainted with the man she had once loved when she was much younger, who had been sent packing by her father because he was not a good match for her.
My Thoughts:  Georgette Heyer does not disappoint.  Even though Bath Tangle wasn't quite as charming as some of her other books, it still hits the spot when you're looking for that Regency Romance fix.  The plot is pretty predictable but it doesn't really matter.  Even though we know the destination, the journey is always fun.  The hero and heroine are unfortunately not often together in this book but when they are in the same room, the sparks fly with heated arguments and sparring of words that Heyer is famous for.
Recommendations: To all Austen and Regency fans.
Ratings: 1.1.2  Pretty clean read with a smattering of mild profanity.

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pat said...

Found your blog and appreciate the suggestions for clean reads.

If you like Georgette Heyer, you should love Patricia Veryan. She writes clean Regency and Georgian novels, with wonderful characters and dialog. Even better, there are several series and the characters from one book will appear in another. By the time you have finished, you feel like you have a new circle of friends. Try her...I would suggest "Some Brief Folly" to get started.