Monday, December 28, 2009

Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer

Genre: Regency romance
Published: Originally 1932, this edition--1 Nov. 2009
320 pgs.
Review book from Sourcebooks
Review: 4.5/5 stars

Whenever I read a regency romance novel I realize again what a hopeless romantic I am. It comes as a surprise because I'm really quite a practical person, but something about the story of a reprehensible rake changing his life and habits all for the love of a sensible, intelligent girl gets me every time. I know that in real life that kind of thing is completely unrealistic. I would never believe in the real world that a promiscuous womanizer would completely change and become faithful to one woman because he finally found someone he couldn't live without. Give me that unrealistic story in the form of a regency romance, especially a Georgette Heyer novel, and I will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. It's pretty pathetic, I know, but it's my weakness.

As I began reading Devil's Cub I thought I may have found an English rogue that I wouldn't like. The Marquis of Vidal seemed too wicked and objectionable even for me. The heroine, Mary Challoner is so clever, sensible, and unassuming, however, that as she falls in love with the Marquis I can't help but do the same. It really makes no sense to me, this attraction I have for these literary men since I'm not at all attracted to "bad boys" in real life. My husband is about as straight-arrow as they come.

This latest Heyer novel made me want to pick up another immediately. It was predictable yet completely enjoyable with a fast paced story line, clever dialogue, and interesting characters.

Rating: 1.1.1 Includes some mild innuendo, mild violence, and a little language but not enough to warrant a 2 rating in my opinion.


Laura H said...

I tried on of her books and was bored. I'm thinking I need to give her a 2nd chance.

Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

I still haven't ventured into the world of G. Heyer -- if I were to pick one of her books to read, which one would you recommend???

Kim said...

Laura and Daisy Mom-
This one was my favorite so far but it is actually a sequel of sorts to These Old Shades. It's not necessary to read it before the sequel but it might be interesting. I've heard good things about Cotillion and Grand Sophy. I also liked Black Sheep.

I do have to make a disclaimer that I have a big weakness for this type of book so I hope you're not disappointed. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Georgette Heyer.

Kate said...

I am right there with you Kim, hopeless romantic. I really like Heyer too but haven't read half her books (she is prolific!) I will definitely check this one out, thanks!

Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

Sam's Club had a stack of G Heyers in the book section several months ago, so I bought An Inconvenient Marriage (I think that's what it was called) -- I'll try that and see what I think!! So many reviewers are reading her stuff...I'm really intrigued!
Thank for the rec and review!