Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

Genre: Realistic fiction
Published: Published 1948, 320 pgs.
Book club
Review: 5/5 stars
I read this book in a very short time period because I procrastinated but I really wanted to finish it before book club. I wish I had had more time to savor it because it is a beautiful book. Cry, The Beloved Country tells the story of Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo as he travels to Johannesburg in search of his sister and son who have not been heard from in many months. The setting is South Africa in the 1940's, a time of change and great racial tensions. It is a beautiful tale of compassion and forgiveness as well as a heart-breaking story of hate and prejudice. The dialogue is so simple and straight-forward but I found it to be profound and conveyed such feeling and meaning. I think this book is wonderful for learning more about the struggles of South Africa but is also very pertinent to our lives today.
Rating: 1.2.1 There are some references to prostitution, mild descriptions of violence, and some mild profanity (Biblical in nature).

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