Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Genre: Horror fiction
Published: 1959, 256 pgs
Review: 3/5 stars
It's hardly fair for me to review this book. I read it over several days in such small snippets that I don't think I really got the true effect. The story is about a group of four people who go to the alleged haunted house named Hill House to do research on paranormal phenomena. This is the only book of this genre that I have ever read (according to my recollections) so it's hard to compare to other similar books but I would guess that this is much more subtle than other horror fiction out there. I found myself more creeped out in the very beginning just in anticipation of what might come than I was when strange, ghostly things started happening. I didn't really enjoy this book but I did think it was pretty interesting. I think I may read it again in a few years when I can devote some solid chunks of time to reading so I can get in the mood and really feel the tension build.
Rating: 1.2.1 Quite a clean read, but dark.

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Shelley (Book Clutter) said...

I had to look up your review especially since we both gave it three stars on Goodreads! Even though it was okay, I kind of feel like I wasted my time reading it once, I can't even imagine trying it again LOL.