Friday, November 21, 2008

A Civil General by David Stinebeck and Scannell Gill

Rating: 1.2.1
Category: Historical fiction

Review: 3.5/5 stars

This is not the kind of book that I normally read but when I was given the opportunity to review it I decided to give it a try. George Henry Thomas was one of the most successful generals of the Civil War but I had never heard of him so I was interested to find out more. His home being in Virginia, he was disowned by his family when he chose to fight on the side of the Union. The story is told by a colonel in his army and we see what General Thomas was like as a military leader and as a person. He was outstanding in both categories. I enjoyed learning about him and there are several touching parts in the book but I found some things hard to follow. The narrator moves back and forth from past and present tense and I didn't understand if there was a reason for that i.e. flashbacks or something else. I think I would have understood things better too if I had better knowledge of the Civil War. Though this book is not always well written, I think it has some good content that would be very interesting for those interested in the Civil War. It's Amazon ratings are quite good.

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