Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unveiled, Unshaken, Unafraid by Francine Rivers

Rating: 2.2.1 (PG - This rating does not necessarily apply to all three but a 2 is the highest degree of content for any of them.
Recommended audience: Teen to adult
Category: Christian, historical, inspirational

Unveiled -
This novella tells the story of Tamar. I didn't like this one as well as the others but it was still interesting. The culture was so different in the Old Testament and the laws and customs are so foreign to me. One of the best things about these little novellas is that it has made me stop and re-read these storis in the Bible and think about the real people who lived these lives. I'm not sure I agree with Rivers take on this one but it was very interesting.

Unshaken -
I liked this one. The story of Ruth is inspiring and this book helps put the culture of the time into better perspective. I learned more about what it is to be a gleaner and I also learned more about the different ethnicities of the time and the people's feelings regarding them. (Of course I do realize that the feelings part is speculation but I get the impression that Rivers did some good research on it, too.)

Unafraid -
I liked it but I've never been one to feel completely comfortable with Christ being portrayed in a book like this. On one hand it seems to be a little blasphemous to speculate on what He may have said that is not recorded in the scriptures but on the other hand it can help me feel a little closer to knowing Him as a person who lived and walked on the earth. I struggle with this issue. At least I can sense that Francine Rivers wrote this with the intent to show His pure love, mercy, forgiveness, and other wonderful qualities from the perspective of His mother. There is a lot of speculation here because there is so little told about Mary in the scriptures beyond the birth and a few things here and there. There were things I liked and disliked about the way she was portrayed. I'd be interested to hear what others think if you decide to read this book

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Rebecca said...

I tend to dislike books in which Christ and Mary are portrayed, so I'll probably give Unafraid a miss. But Unshaken sounds interesting. Thanks for the review!